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Sunset Hill Rabbitry

Bunnies for Sale

Below are bunnies for sale. All bunnies come with a starter bag of food and a care packet. These bunnies have been handled daily since they were born and given lots of love. They will make excellent first pets and have a great disposition. They are all very friendly. They are started on litter training which will make cleaning their cage SO much easier!!! All ears will lop once they get older. All names next to each bunny may be changed, once the purchase is made.  


We have a waiting list available now. If you would like to be added to the waiting list we would need to receive a $50.00 non-refundable deposit. We need to know what gender/color preferences, your name and a good contact phone number. Once we receive your deposit of $50.00 your name will be added to the waiting list. In the order that we receive the deposits we will contact you with available bunnies. You will have the opportunity to choose a baby before we post them on our for sale page.  

Purebred Holland Lop (Pedigreed)

Hague's Arlo

Color: Blue Eyed White

Eye Color: Blue

Gender: Buck

DOB: November 9, 2019

Ready: NOW


We have owned Arlo since he was 8 weeks old.  She is super sweet and laid back boy.  He has been used in our breeding program and has given us very nice cuddly babies.  We have decided to retire him from our breeding program.  He is looking for his forever loving pet home or new breeding program.  Please let us know if you have any questions or want to come meet him.  

Purebred Holland Lop

Color: Solid White

Eye Color: Ruby

DOB: February 3, 2023

Ready: March 31, 2023

AVAILABLE: $110.00

Below you will find the supply list of items you should purchase before you bring your bunny home with you.

  1. Cage (we like cages around 3 ½’-4' long with plastic bottoms and a large door in front or on the top of the cage so that you can get the bunny out easily and get the litter pan our easily when you are cleaning the cage.  We recommend a&e brand cages. 
  2. Water bottle (24 oz or larger)
  3. Hay holder (so that the hay stays clean and off the floor of the cage)
  4. Food bowl
  5. Litter pan (we suggest ones with a grate)
  6. Hay (timothy hay)
  7. Food (timothy pellets)
  8. Litter for the litter pan
  9. Chew toys (wooden ones and ones that are safe for rabbits)
  10. Brush to help shed the bunny out when they start loosing the fur so they do not get a hair ball.
  11. Nail clippers
  12. Salt block

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